My Products

After serving my community for over 25 years in renovation projects, my health has directed me to do other things. I am at the stage in my life where I will be shifting to lighter work and lighter projects. I soon will be updating this website to showcase things that I make in my shop and will be selling. Things such as custom planters, wishing wells, bird houses and various other products.

This is  a picture of a custom order from Mike in Kingston. He wanted three matching white cedar planters and have them delivered to his home.

This is a picture of a planter that was made with the dimensions of 1 foot by 2 feet and 1 foot high. Also using white cedar as I believe it is better for the things you grow in your planters as well as for our environment. White cedar has a natural oil in it which makes it more resistant to pests and also last longer. You can apply a finish to the wood and I would recommend using natural oils such as linseed oil or mineral oil oven hemp oil to preserve your planter. I also recommend adding a liner such as landscape fabric so that the water can drain and the soil remain.




This particular design was created for people who have limited space such as balconies. It is also a fabulous amount of space for an herb garden. The height of this particular model is the same as an average countertop, making it an easier way to take care of the plants you want to use. This white cedar planter is 16" X 48" and has a depth of about 15". The handy shelf underneath can store things like a watering can. I recommend lining the planter with landscape fabric and you can either apply a natural oil finish or leave to to grey over time.