Projects showcase


Here is a list of the projects I worked on. Please click on the project name to see the project before and after images.

New spare room in the basement:

Client asked to create a new room in the basement. The project consisted of installation of the new walls (framing), drywall installation, painting, and installation of the light fixtures (pot lights) and flooring (laminate flooring).

Hardwood Floor Installation:

The project included removing the old carpet, painting the room, baseboards and window trims and installation of the new hardwood floor.

Stair Renovation:

Stair Facelift:

Deck Extension:

This project included removal of old decking and expanding the deck surface to double in size. Two 4 foot footings had to be installed prior to any building as the original deck was fastened to the house. After the footings I installed a beam on which the joists restes and were tied in to the original joists to create an even surface when finished. It was decided to use a system where the deck boards where screwed from below so that the surface would have a more sound finish and less areas for water to pool. I also decided that the deck would look more finished by installing a board at the top and bottom of the skirting to hide the deck screws. The bottom board was cut on a 45 degree angle for water to run off instead of sitting on top of the edge. 


The railing that was used is an aluminum railing made by a company called Regal. They have various choices in spindles and 3 colours. My clients decided on white with the tempered glass, which feels more spacious.